What does the warranty cover?
If any defect covered by the limited warranty is detected within a year from the date of purchase, Nordcode will repair or replace the defective product through its own distribution network, after the defect has been verified.
Exclusions and limitations of coverage.
Warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects. We may not be held responsible for any product defects attributable to any other cause, whether in whole or in part, including (by way of example, without limitations):
- Damage caused by improper use, neglect and/or normal internal and external wear.
- Scratches, abrasions, paint chips, or other damage caused due to impacts or lack of proper cleaning.
- Damage caused by the application of adhesives and/or glues.
- Damage resulting from accidents.
- Any changes or modifications made to the equipment by the user or by any third parties.
- Damage resulting from any kind of paint/varnish applied to the product  by the user or by any third parties.
- Colour changes or damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.
- Colour changes or damage caused by exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources.
- Changes in the fluorescent colours used in the graphics on certain models as a result of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight.
- The use of incompatible accessories or other accessories not sold by Nordcode.


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